La storia

Michelangelo is the first corporate division of Ricciarini group. Back in 1974 Angiolo Ricciarini and his wife Maria begun the adventure in an old warehouse as selectors of sartorial fabrics. The business grows quickly and in a few years becomes a reference point in Italy.

At the beginning of the 90’s, with the incoming of the young second generation, the company began a restructuring and development path by launching an ambitious project that will lead to its current structure. The architect of this change is the son Michele, current CEO of the group, which together with his sister Sabrina begins to plan the future.

Today, thanks to a highly experienced team under the guidance of Natalino Berti, Michelangelo is a leader in retail for sartorial textiles.


Michelangelo is part of the group that integrates italian made Ricciarini productions with other productions worldwide, promoting a high level of research and the most competitive prices.

Michelangelo Art

State of the art for wedding and ceremony fabrics, from embroideries to the most precious silks.

Michelangelo Blue

Collection inspired by the most current trends,
all prints and fabrics are presented together following the latest fashion trends.

Michelangelo Gas

This collection
is dedicated to dance products
and home clothing.

Michelangelo Stock

Restricted Area

Customers can view the complete archive of our samples.